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Sema Bruno, Ph.D., CFT, CCEP 
Ph.D.-level Associate Clinician

Dr. Sema Bruno is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP). She sees individuals, couples, and families and is available for both in-person and telehealth appointments. Dr. Bruno accepts out-of-pocket pay only. 

Dr. Sema Bruno takes an embodied and client-centered approach with individuals, couples, and families, offering a nurturing and adept container for clients to thoroughly explore patterns around their presenting concerns. Her decades-long work with new parents, couples, families, trauma survivors, and at-risk youth has shown her that people and relationships are incredibly resilient when they have the appropriate support, resources, and therapeutic tools made available to them.


Dr. Bruno enjoys working with issues from a systemic lens, actively bridging transgenerational and historical events and situations with presenting concerns, for example, exploring with a client how being raised by a family member with a history of trauma or a serious mental health issue may be affecting adult relationships. She is dedicated to helping clients process and work through issues relating to trauma, abuse, gender identity and non-conformity, career advancement, non-monogamy, classism, racism, and sexism. She is well prepared to support individuals, couples, and families in breaking through destructive patterns in pursuit of deeper satisfaction with life, career, and relationships.


Although Dr. Bruno is trained in several clinical models, she most often utilizes emotionally focused therapy (EFT), Satirian and other experiential models, body psychotherapy, and trauma-informed care while reaching into other schools of thought for continued reference. In addition to her Doctorate Degree and Master's Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Bruno has completed Level I of the EFT training and advanced training in Core Energetics, focusing specifically on sex therapy and group therapy. 

Private Pay Accepted

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