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Steffen Gillom, Ph.D. 

MA, AMFT, CTP, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Clinical Director

Dr. Steffen Gillom is the Clinical Director and an Associate Clinician at Cumberland Counseling. He provides supervision and guidance for our team of clinicians and sees clients on a limited basis. Dr. Gillom is available for in-person or telehealth appointments for clients in RI, MA and CT.

Dr Gillom takes a collaborative, strength-based, and truth-centered approach to individuals, couples, and families. While Dr. Gillom is happy and able to treat all populations, he primarily concentrates on the following populations and areas:  


High Conflict in Couples/Families: Dr. Gillom also has a proven track record of working with couples looking for the right atmosphere to discuss complex subjects, such as conflict, mistrust, ruptures in the relationship, or infidelity within the relationship, as well as new couples in the early dating or premarital stages of their relationship looking to deepen their bond and understanding of one another proactively.  


Men's Issues: Dr. Gillom is passionate about helping men of all ages and backgrounds begin their healing journey. Dr. Gillom believes that many men were taught to hide away and compartmentalize their vulnerable emotions, causing the potential for emotional outbursts, unwanted irritability, feelings of anger, and numbness. Dr. Gillom helps men begin to process and move past these negative feelings to illuminate and manage their core emotions, such as feelings of sadness, towards creating a more well-rounded, vibrant life. 


Complex Trauma: Dr. Gillom is a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and is dedicated to helping clients process and work through trauma related to issues of PTSD, childhood and sexual trauma, military or gang violence, anxiety, feelings of low self-worth, grief, and many other types of maltreatment one might experience. Dr. Gillom views trauma as something we all carry and that we all possess the skills and ability to work through it to increase one's distress tolerance and overall life. 


LGBTQ Individuals & Couples: As a member of the queer (LGBTQIA+) community, Dr. Gillom feels strongly that members of the queer community get the culturally competent, well-rounded treatment they deserve and is well prepared to address the complex personal, relational, and familial dynamics that those under the queer umbrella face daily. Dr. Gillom understands how issues such as gender dysphoria, internalized homophobia, body image, community pressure, and other types of minatory stress can affect one's quality of life and works hard to help his clients build the confidence and resilience to thrive and not just survive.


BIPOC Centered Care: Dr. Gillom knows that members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of color) community have been historically underserved or unable to access quality mental health care. Dr. Gillom is dedicated to providing mental health care that considers and incorporates one's unique culture into treatment. He believes his work with clients proves that expert clinical care can equip anyone with the power and skills to overcome any issue in pursuing a more fulfilling life. 


Post-Modern Approach: Dr. Gillom is trained in several clinical models. However, he most often utilizes Narrative, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), and Solution-based therapeutic approaches in his work with clients (individuals, couples, and families) as he helps them navigate negative issues impacting their lives. In addition to his Doctoral Degree and master' Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Gillom has completed Levels I and II of the Gottman Couple Therapy method.

Insurances Accepted

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