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Unique Pelletier, LCDP, MS 

Associate Clinician

Unique is an Associate Clinician at Cumberland Counseling as well as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional in RI. She is available for both in-person and telehealth appointments and accepts out-of-pocket pay as well as several insurances. 

Unique, a dedicated associate clinician, is a beacon of compassionate care in the realm of mental health and addiction treatment. With an unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being, she has honed a client-centered approach that consistently delivers the highest quality care, enabling her clients to triumph over adversity and attain enduring positive transformation.


Unique’s academic pursuit led her to Rhode Island College, where she earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Dependency and Addiction Studies in 2018. It was here that she laid the foundation for her future endeavors, cultivating a deep understanding of the human psyche and the complexities of addiction. In 2021, Unique's educational journey culminated in a master's degree from Johnson and Wales University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of mental health dynamics and therapeutic techniques, she embarked on a mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those she would serve.


Unique's therapeutic approach is a testament to her name. Her sessions are not merely conversations, but purposeful interactions aimed at achieving specific goals. By setting clear intentions and working collaboratively with her clients, Unique fosters a climate of growth, and creating lasting change.  Throughout her professional journey, Unique has amassed a wealth of experience across a diverse array of populations. From anxiety and behavioral struggles to depression, ADHD, trauma, and substance use disorders, couples challenges, she has demonstrated her versatility and expertise in addressing a wide spectrum of challenges. Her repertoire extends to assisting individuals and couples through life transitions, offering unwavering support during times of change and uncertainty. Unique has also completed Level One of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy training.


One of Unique's greatest strengths lies in her ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Whether it's adolescents grappling with the complexities of growing up, children navigating their early years, adults striving for balance, or couples seeking to strengthen their bonds, Unique's empathetic approach transcends age and circumstance. When clients engage with Unique, they embark on a transformative journey characterized by genuine care and understanding. Each session leaves clients feeling uplifted and empowered, as they recognize their innate potential for growth and healing. Unique's work is defined by her commitment to making a meaningful difference, one session at a time, and her dedication to being a guiding light on the path to lasting positive change.

Insurances Accepted

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