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Wellness Series Group

Presented by Sabrina Mazzilli, LICSW

Join us on a transformative journey inward, where you'll cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others through the power of medicine songs, altars, nature mandalas, and more! Explore and expand your self-awareness while delving into holistic, ancestral, and Indigenous healing practices. Engage in a rich tapestry of experiences including guided meditation, drumming, singing, breath work, somatic movement, and sound healing—all within the sacred space we'll create together. Each workshop is carefully crafted to guide you through intention setting, breath work, and somatic movement, offering a holistic approach to healing.


Group Details

  • Altars: Setting and Engaging Sacred Space

  • Learn the art of altar creation and how to infuse your space with sacred energy.

  • Nature Mandala Making

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you create intricate mandalas using natural elements.

  • Medicine Songs: Drumming & Singing

  • Experience the power of rhythm and melody as you connect with ancient healing songs through drumming and singing.

  • Sound Healing & Meditation

  • Find deep relaxation and inner peace through the harmonious vibrations of sound healing and guided meditation.

  • Open to ages 18 and above.

  • No artistic skills or prior experience required—just an open heart and mind ready to explore and grow.

  • Participants may register by contacting the office at 401-405-0700 or emailing

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